"I like good strong words that mean something."- Louisa May Alcott
September 2020 Archives
Beth Parker meet Beth Parker

It started with misdirected email. For a few exhilarating seconds, I believed that US authors and publishers were tracking me down. Then I realized that...

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What’s my password?

Technology has made my life (mostly) easier—thank you, IT gods, for that. But there are details that need to be worked out. Take passwords, for...

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Tea tales

Thank goodness for Downton Abbey.
The art of drinking tea had been reduced to warm water in a Styrofoam cup or some concoction of berries...

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On Painting Tulips

This month I participated in my second art show, which means not only do I submit a new piece of art but also a new...

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January Goals: Lost in Space

During those first bright, new days of January, I love writing down goals for the coming year —not necessary doing them—but definitely writing them down....

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