"I like good strong words that mean something."- Louisa May Alcott


Pay attention to your knitting

No, I haven’t got the quotation wrong. Like many sayings, the phrase “Stick to your knitting” has actually morphed from its original intent, “Attend to...

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Name this person

Remember when the big reveal following the birth of a baby was the question, “Boy or girl?”
The answer’s not the mystery it used to...

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Plein air Nova Scotia style

It was a rare opportunity: a good friend donated her lovely farmhouse in Nova Scotia to selected artists so they could paint. I was asked...

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Hello, pioneer Beth

For 10 months of the year, I’m “urban Beth”. I hang out on Queen Street East, enjoy downtown shows and theatre, and when bored with...

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Near wins and finger puppets

After two weeks in an Olympic-induced comma, I couldn’t stop thinking about those who almost made it— the bobsled team that fell behind by two...

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A jar of moral obligations

At the beginning of December, store shelves were brimming with Advent calendars filled with chocolates.
Not for me. I was presented with an “Advent Jar”...

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