"I like good strong words that mean something."- Louisa May Alcott
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Please be warned, this blog may sound a tad nerdy.

I had the best intentions following New Year’s day. I headed off to Indigo to find an inspiring business book. After spending an eternity staring at the rows of book spines, I began to see double, even triple. Every title promised the best “success factors”, the “top keys to leadership”, or the “ten steps to rise to the top”. It all began to sound so much the same and so very, very dull.

Discouraged, I headed for the biography section thinking that perhaps some current CEO might deliver real life inspiration. I got sidetracked somewhere between Bill Gates and Jack Welch. It found a new (and thankfully slim) book about the William Shakespeare. Yes, the playwright. I warned this might get nerdy.

Shakespeare, The World as Stage, by Bill Bryson, is a true breath of fresh air. Beyond giving inspiration, it took me to a time and place far from my piles of files, business plans, and websites waiting to be written.

So at the risk of sounding preachy, my New Year’s advice is don’t be afraid sometimes to look back during a month that also looks forward (hence, Janus – January, and all that). It is truly good for the soul, as well as one’s weary brain!

Beth Parker
Professional Writer

President, CAWEE
Canadian Association of Women Executives & Entrepreneurs
June 2008-June 2010

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